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From contact lenses to makeup, its common for us to have things come in contact with the cornea. In many cases, these things can cause irritation to the cornea and eye itself causing dry eye and possible further concerns. Most of the times, what we put in our eyes is necessary and knowing how to maneuver and treat dry eye increase your success with contact lens, glaucoma drops, and more.

Contact Lenses 

At Alamo Eye Care, we specialize in a variety of contact lenses. Many patients have a necessity for contact lenses which can sometimes lead to dry eye if there is a tear film insufficiency. We encourage patients to use artificial tears to keep their tear film at a stable amount to maintain contact lens wear. If you use artificial tears a lot, read the next section on artifical tear recommendations. 

Eye Drops

Patients use eyedrops often for many reasons. Glaucoma drops are known to have a larger amount of preservatives and those who use them daily or more can be susceptible to dry eye. Some over-the-counter eyedrops contain preservatives like BAK which can irritate the cornea further if used in excess. If you use glaucoma drops and have dry eye, consider asking your glaucoma specialist about preservative free options. If you use artificial tears often, also consider preservative free options. The OTC brands and products we recommend are Systane PF, Refresh PF, BioTrue Hydration Plus PF, and Ivizia. 

Ocular Allergies

Many patients, especially here in South Texas, battle seasonal allergies. These allergens float through the air and can find their way into the eye. Animal dander is another culprit than can cause ocular allergies. Most ocular allergy flare ups can be minimized with the use of Pataday (over-the-counter olopatadine) and artificial tears like the ones listed above. For more severe cases, we recommended making an appointment to be treated with corticosteroids or for further investigation. Remember that anti-histamines can also exacerbate dryness and should be used as directed or as needed. 

Beauty and Cosmetics

As cosmetics become a day to day routine for many people, the application of makeup on the eyelid and waterline can introduce bacteria to the eye. Many patients have noted seeing powders in their tear film which can dry out the eye. Minimizing the use of makeup around the eye can reduce dry eye symptoms. Tubular mascara is a new addition to the cosmetic scene that is minimizing the amount of bacteria entering the eye via mascara. There are some cosmetic brands that are approved for use with contact lenses due to the integrity of their ingredients. We recommend Clinique, Neutrogena, and Physician Formula. 

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