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Hot compress and massage                                          

If you are diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction, we may ask you to perform hot compresses and lid massage for relief of symtoms. This is performed to help melt meibomian secretions that are blocking the glands. Lid massage helps to encourage the meibum out of the glands. When they are able to drain, the glands can function properly.  


Hot compresses and lid massage can often be ineffective if the glands are completely blocked. So, we will often perform meibomian expression as an in-house treatment to completely unblock the glands prior to asking you to perform the treatment at home.

We will show you how to do the hot compresses and lid massage correctly.


Intensive lid hygiene 

At home, you can add a simple daily regimen to your bathroom cycle: cleaning your eyelids. In order to keep your dry eye symptoms and inflammation under control, you need to have a clean environment for the tears to work in. 

If our eyes are not cleaned properly, bacteria that live around the eye become overactive and release toxins that irritate the eye. Also, debris from the day blocks the meibomian glands causing meibomian gland dysfunction if not cleaned properly.

We may ask you to carry out intensive lid hygeine to keep the lids and lid margins clean.

We do not recommend baby shampoo as this has been shown to destroy the lipid layer of the tears. We will supply you with lid wipes or proper lid scrubbing solutions and teach you how to clean your lids properly.




"After I started my in-home therapy treatments every night, my eyes felt so much better upon waking. I have started to implement hot compress and lid scrubs into my nightly routine. I wash my face, then my eyelids with Avenova lid scrubs, and finally heat up my Bruder mask for a warm relaxing fifteen minutes before bedtime. Sometimes I accidently fall asleep without massaging my lids. Oops!" 

Kristen - San Antonio

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Blinking exercises

Blinking is essential to having a healthy eye surface. It decreases deposits, allows for tear movement, and smooths the surface for optimal vision. With the rapid growing technology advancements, it is hard to avoid digital screens in everyday life. While looking at digital devices, the blink rate decreases significantly. Introducing these exercises can help your eyes remember to blink more often and keep your ocular surface moist.

Ocular Nutrition 

Omega-3 vitamins, or essential fatty acids, can be added to your diet for dry eye relief.  They are found naturally in oily fish and flaxseed. Ask your optometrist if these supplements are right for you.

Any or all of these treatments can be added to the daily regimen. Ask your optometrist for more information on which should be implemented in your regimen for management of dry eye symptoms. 

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